Thursday, October 9, 2008

Books in My Lobby

No, you're not in the wrong blog: I just changed the name from General Ephemera to Unreliable Narrator. Liz came up with that when I included a fiction in my post about seeing The Wedding Present. You'll have to read her comment to figure out what piece of information I twisted for my own bloggy purposes.

People in my building leave books they don't want in the lobby. Here is the first in a series of photos and commentary about these books. What's wrong with these books? Why get rid of them? Who can say? Perhaps taking photos of them and posting them online will answer these and other timeless questions.

Why does this even exist? Why not just read the damn book? These are not short books either. This CliffsNotes was probably more than half the length of the novel. It didn't last long, somebody snagged it up about an hour after I took this. Must be in high demand

Define the Phrase

Well, since nobody's biting, I'm leaving the current phrase up and running until I get some results. Just leave me a comment if you think you have an inkling of what Blunderbuss means (see previous post). Look it up if you must and put this poor word out of its misery so I can post another fun phrase for you to parse.


Cynthia said...

Blunderbuss? An old fashioned gun or amunition of some sort? Just a guess from all the historical romances I read. :)

Anonymous said...

A blundering person (maybe me stumbling around my house in the wee hours!) Love the blog! Robin

Muriel said...

blunderbuss-ancient short gun with large bore firing many balls. (I looked it up in the dictionary) from an elderly relative

Cynthia Sherrick Mitchell said...

In case it's up for discussion, I prefer General Ephemera for your title. :)

Phil Beloin Jr. said...

weapon of mass destruction, up close and personal

Dell said...

Well Cynthia, General Ephemera was, well, kind of general. But, I'll take your recommendation under consideration. Because, like I say, I consider requests.