Friday, April 3, 2009

Literary Magazine Review

I wrote a review for the online literary magazine review site, The Review Review. I take on the feisty bluster of Salt Hill #22. Check it out here. The Review Review is a tireless engine of lit mag reviews, covering the literati rainbow, from the esteemed Agni and Glimmer Train, to upstarts you've never heard of like MacGuffin and Subtropics.

The Review Review is for readers and writers alike. Readers will love it for the reviews and information about specific issues. The site's stable of reviewers don't hold back, letting you know when something strikes a resonant chord and also when a magazine drops the ball. Writers will come back for all the tasty contact information supplied for each magazine, such as website URLs, publishing guidelines, response time, and the always popular pay scale (cash, copies, first born).

So, whether you're a reader, a writer, or somebody who wishes they could be, check out The Review Review. Come for the reviews. Stay for...more reviews.


Robin said...

Dell -- I was very impressed with your review of "Salt Hill" and will try to find a copy of it (perhaps on-line). Also, I finished "This Book Will Save Your Life" by A.M. Homes last night. I loved following Richard's journey as he discovers life after years of self-induced isolation. Do you recommend any of her other works?

Dell Smith said...

Hey Robin, thanks for reading the Salt Hill review. I'm so glad you read the A M Homes book. I truly cannot, in clear conscience, recommend the other two books of hers that I've read (or partially read). I don't recommend Music for Torching in general, but I also read The End of Alice, which I enjoyed but don't think you'd like. But, she's written a memoir about finding her birth parents that you might enjoy (I haven't read it). It's called , The Mistress’s Daughter.

Robin said...

Thanks Dell -- You're good to give me your honest opinion of her books. Since my time is really short, I'll pass on the two you mentioned for now. I've been reading the Spring 2009 issue of "Glimmertrain." Amazing stories!