Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Books in My Lobby 5

It's been months since somebody left a book in my lobby. Finally, this morning on my way out I saw this gem sitting there as if no time had passed. David Baldacci's The Whole Truth. Something tells me this is a legal thriller. But what do I know? Maybe Mr. Baldacci's website can set me straight:

"In this terrifying global thriller, ...characters’ lives will collide head-on as a series of events is set in motion that could change the world as we know it. An utterly spellbinding story that feels all too real, The Whole Truth delivers all the twists and turns, emotional drama, unforgettable characters, and can’t-put-it-down pacing that readers expect from David Baldacci -- and still goes beyond anything he’s written before."

Sounds scary. Unfortunately, I'll never find out because the book was gone when I came home this afternoon. I guess I missed my chance. Damn you lobby, damn you to hell!!!

David speaks:


Robin said...

Dell -- What other treasures lurk in your lobby? I saw David Baldacci at the Hartford Writer's Conference two years ago. He was passionate about the craft of writing and told a funny story about traveling on a train. Apparently, while dining with two stangers, he took a call from his agent. He launched into the different ways to murder someone (part of a plot twist). When he finished talking, he noticed his guests looked terrified. They thought they were riding with a serial killer!

Liz's Mom said...