Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2010 Book Preview

Yeah, I know it's already April, and many of the titles listed in The Millions' most anticipated books of 2010 are already out. But now's a good chance to catch up on those major releases that came out in January and February that you missed. And to see what's still to come.

Doing some Internet research for author website links (I've just redone all my links -- Look, just to the right there. Yes, that's it. Those.), what caught my eye was a new novel due in August from Jonathan Franzen called Freedom. Nine years after The Corrections, one of my favorite books from the last ten years. I wasn't impressed by his lastest story published in the New Yorker, Good Neighbors, supposedly an excerpt from Freedom. Too much tell, almost no show--more a synopsis of a novel then a short story. Regardless, few writers elicit my can't-wait-to-read dar.

Also in 2010, lots more newly translated material from Robert Bolaño. Four new books out this year, including Monsieur Pain (January), Antwerp (April), The Return (July), and The Insufferable Gaucho (August). While the New Yorker still can't get enough of postumous Bolaño -- see William Burns, from last February -- they're also questioning how much is too much of a good thing by calling attention to the backlash. I'm still working my way through 2666. The part about the crimes. So I'll stay out of it, thanks all the same.

Interested in knowing what other books are on the horizon? Check out this list at amazon.


laraehrlich.com said...

Hi Dell,

Thank you so much for linking to my blog! I've linked you in mine as well :-) And I LOVE the title of your site. I'm excited to look for some of the books you mention in your 2010 Book Preview post. Thanks for the suggestions!


Dell Smith said...

Hi Lara. Thanks for reading. I found your blog when you left a comment on Beyond the Margins. I love your post about sculpting a novel; this is the kind of useful stuff that makes blog-surfing so worthwhile. Keep up the good work.