Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beyond the Margins: Version 2.0

Beyond the Margins, the group blog where I've been moonlighting since January, just got a reboot this weekend. It's like Terminator 2, but with a better search engine. And fewer Terminators.

So what's different?
  • The site has a new look and is easier to search, with more content available from the home page. The latest post is displayed in the left column as always, but in the center column is a list of recent posts from the past week, making the latest stuff more accessible.
  • You can use the category links that run along the top of the site to look for posts about specific topics, like agents, literary criticism, and author interviews.
  • You can do a keyword search or do a search by BTM author
  • The archives are easier to use and we've expanded our selection of links to other writer-and publishing-centric websites and blogs.
  • We have Twitter feeds, so you can check out the latest BTM gossip. 
  • BTM's classic Pub Crawl feature continues with listings of new and upcoming books published by local, national, and international authors.
We're psyched about the new features and updated appearance, and hope you are as well.


Cynthia Sherrick said...

I checked out Beyond the Margins and it looks great!!

Dell Smith said...

Thanks for checking us out.

Robin said...

The new site (or revamped site) is easy to navigate and user friendly. Thanks for sharing!