Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Rifle To Be Used On Woodchucks

Hard to imagine exactly what this letter was responding to. But it seemed one James Morse of Syracuse damn well wanted to get rid of some varmints, and needed gun and ammo guidance. Who better to guide a hunter than Outdoor Life magazine editor Jack O'Connor, Arms and Ammunition Dept.

Found this mounted letter amongst my father's stacks and boxes of ephemera. Not sure why it's mounted, although a quick googling uncovered the subjective gush that Mr. O'Connor was America's greatest gun writer. So, perhaps a signed letter from him may be worth mounting and keeping. I just love the matter-of-factness of his answers. Hopefully his letter helped Mr. Morse with his "game up to deer" problem.

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Robin said...

Dell -- This must be one of Dad's rare finds. Interesting! Thanks for posting.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

That's very cool, Dell, and probably worth something. It must be fun going through Dad's papers.

At least I hope you're finding it enjoyable. :]

Dell Smith said...

Hard to gauge the value. Especially when there's a baseball player with the same name (the writer doesn't come up first in the searches).

I am actually enjoying going thru dad's stuff. It's overwhelming, and it's only the first pass, but it's good to know what he had. Amazing how much stuff he kept with him all these years and how much stuff fits in his bedroom!