Sunday, July 1, 2012

Landing in Formation

Among my father's writing I found this essay, written sometime between the late '70s and the early to mid '90s, when my parents lived in Brewster, Mass. 

My dad trained as a glider pilot during WWII. He didn't see any action. He was sent to Germany right as the war was ending. This essay is a vivid portrait of what it was like to fly a glider during a training exercise. I'm not familiar with all the terms, but there are some beautiful passages. He really puts you in the glider with him and his co-pilot. 

I've scanned his typed pages. To enlarge for easier reading, right-click each page and select Open Link in New Window. In the new window, click the image to enlarge. You may need to scroll down the page as you read.


Robin said...

Dell -- This is a wonderful find! Dad's writing is so vivid, I felt I was in the glider with him. Please keep these coming.

Dell Smith said...

Liz's Mom emailed me her comment. Here it is: "How great that you found this among your father's papers. He writes a good description of the way these gliders were operated, and conveys very well the sense of peril in even routine flights. I had no idea how big these gliders were or how they were flown. Interesting indeed!"
Thanks Liz's mom!

Cynthia Sherrick said...

This is very cool, Dell. Thanks for sharing. :)