Thursday, January 28, 2010

Inaugural Post on Beyond the Margins

Today my first post is up on the group blog Beyond the Margins. It's called Outlines: Structure Vs. Stricture. Outlines have been both helpful and hurtful to my writing, and I tackle that thorny dichotomy in today's post. I've discussed the topic in past Unreliable Narrator posts, here and here.

Beyond the Margins has been live for almost two weeks, and we're getting great feedback. Some of the recent posts include Henriette Lazaridis Power's take on reading your writing aloud, in preparation of an audience or as way revising. E.B. Moore's lyrical cautionary tale about Internet addition. Necee Regis' insight into being a travel writer. Stay tuned tomorrow for Becky Tuch's post.


Liz's Mom said...

I read your "Beyond the Margins" blog post and thought it was great, well written, honest and important. Liz will show me how to leave a comment on that site.
It is a bit different from this one.

So here is my comment, Well Done!

Dell Smith said...

Thanks LM. Sorry you couldn't leave a comment. Let us know if you still have trouble. And thanks for reading.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

Hi D! I left a comment over on BTM for you. But to quote Liz's Mom "Well Done!" :)

Dell Smith said...

Hey Cyn, thanks so much for checking out BTM and leaving a comment. Yeah.