Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Books in My Lobby 10

Tonight I offer for your reading pleasure The Oz Principle, by Roger Connors, Craig Hickman, and Tom Smith. What's it about? How about this: "A decade ago, The Oz Principle took the business world by storm. The principle works like this: Like Dorothy and the gang in The Wizard of Oz, most businesspeople have the tools to succeed, but when things go wrong they blame circumstance or others instead of looking within for the true cause of unsatisfactory results. Once individuals learn to accept responsibility, they can use the Oz Principle to become better leaders. This philosophy can be encompassed in one word: ACCOUNTABILITY." Say no more. I'm in!

The book has been such a popular best seller that The Oz Principle is also an accountability training company. Learn how to increase revenue and profitability. Reduce costs. Impliment key innitiatives. Sounds like every writer's dream. 

Not sure if it's for you? Still in the dark about how ACCOUNTABILITY works? Do you blame others before accepting responsibility for your screw-ups? Then I leave you with this parting video:

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RObin said...

Who?? Should?? I think I wasn't awake enough this morning to be held accountable for watching this! Love to read about the books in your lobby.