Tuesday, June 26, 2012

George and Margaret

These are my Dad's parents, George and Margaret Smith. This is one of the few photos of them smiling. For whatever reason, my Grandpa kept up a serious demeanor, and I suppose Grandma followed. I remember them as kind and a little stern. Which is how they raised their two boys, my Dad and his brother Bob.

Seems the opposite of how I was raised. My Dad was always smiling, always goofing around. Although early pictures of him do show a rather serious young man. I guess you learn to smile during your life. Or you learn to forget.

Dad, at the cottages in Wellfleet:

Here's another shot of Grandpa, again smiling. Or almost:
Here's a little Christmas in June, with a pretty reticent-looking Santa. I don't remember this, so it must have been when I was very little: